the SKINny girl

living with eczema, allergies and other skin issues


This blog isn’t about weight management.

This blog is about skin. My skin.

I am learning about my skin issues — from hives to eczema — and it is my full intention to eliminate these problems that have affected me.

It is also my intention to teach others through my experiences and my eagerness to learn more about the source of my skin problems. I hope you can find some answers (or at least some comfort in knowing that you’re not suffering alone) here.

I do also hope to gross my readers out with awesome images of my rashes.


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  1. Melissa says:

    Hi. My name is Melissa and I have been suffering with this horrible issue for a couple years now. I was wondering what kind of tests you had done to find out your food allergies? And what doctor you would go to for this test? I am trying to eliminate steroid use. Thank you for any advice you have!

    • April says:

      hi melissa. i had a blood test done at an allergist’s office. the results of that test gave me environmental and food allergens. i’m not sure what the test is called, but my results say “allergen specific IgE” at the top (not sure what that means). i had a food and basic upper respiratory panel done.

      i also had a T.R.U.E. Test allergen skin patch test done at my dermatologist’s office. you have a bunch of different chemicals and allergens stuck to your back for 48 hours and then your doctor tells you what you’re allergic to based on the types of reactions your skin has.

      good luck and stay tuned – i’ll have more on non-steroidal remedies that have helped me. i’m not a fan of the skin-thinning properties of steroids.

      • Melissa says:

        Thank you for the info! Have you ever heard of elctro-dermal screening? It can test for any allergy…food, contact etc. I know Tomatoes and High Fructose Corn Syrup are an issue, but I still feel like we are missing something! I am allergic to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is in every soap possible! And Coconut and Palm! I basically don’t use any commercial cleansers, laundry etc. I use soap nuts for laundry, you should look them up! I am trying to find a alternative to soap, cause I feel like anything that foams does damage! My eczema looks exactly like yours on my hands! I used to get it on my finger tips, but when I stopped using soap that part cleared, now its just the top of my hands and lower legs! Its about 80% worse on the right side of my body? Weird! Sorry to write so much, its just nice to find someone who knows how I feel! Thank you and hopefully I gave you some useful info!

      • April says:

        no, i haven’t, but i’ll have to check it out! i’ll ask my PCP about it. thanks!

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