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Allergens, Part 1

Here’s a list of some foods that I apparently have an allergy to. The corresponding “Class” number indicates how much of an allergy I have to the food (the higher the number, the more I am allergic to it). Allergens Celery – Class II
Carrot – Class II
Tomato – Class II
Potato – Class II
Orange – Class I
Pistachio – Class I
Banana – Class I
Corn – Class I
Wheat – Class II
Peanut – Class II

The most thought-provoking thing about these results is the fact that I eat a majority of things on this list on a weekly, if not daily, basis. It begs the question, “Have I been making myself sick all these years without knowing it?”

I guess I always assumed that whatever was causing my eczema was either an environmental issue or a stress issue. I’m not discounting the fact that they probably do increase the severity of my flare-ups, but I never considered my skin issues to be a result of something I was eating.

My boyfriend is good at identifying these non-edible allergens and is quick to point them out to me. “Stop scratching,” he’ll say as he grabs my hands. “I CAN’T HELP IT!” I say, horrified at the fact that I really couldn’t stop. He stares back, horrified too, at how bad my skin has gotten.

I started a food journal on Google Docs. It’s very difficult for me to maintain for several reasons:

  • It takes a lot of time to document everything I eat
  • If I forget to log what I ate, it’s difficult to recall all of my meals, which results in inconsistent logging
  • It takes a lot of time to document the other specifics that I track, including the detergent of the clothes I wore, whether I wore perfume, what lotion I used, etc.

Food Log

I’m hoping this helps me figure out what exactly is causing my eczema.


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