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Allergens, Part 2

I had a basic upper respiratory panel done to see what else — other than foods — I’m allergic to.

Allergens part 2June (Kentucky blue grass) – Class IV
Bermuda grass – Class III
Alternaria alternata – Class III
Cat dander – Class II
Oak tree – Class II
Olive tree – Class II
Western ragweed – Class II

This was surprising to me. I assumed that the higher the class, the more of a reaction I would have, but the most severe physical reaction I’ve had was to a cat. I was literally wheezing (you could hear that wheezing sound each time I took a breath) and my chest felt very tight. The following morning, I felt better, and by the following night, my breathing was back to normal.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a reaction like that to grass, but then again, I’ve been living with hives and skin issues my whole life, so maybe severity comes in its staying power.


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