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I remember being a kid who hated vegetables. I hated tomatoes, hated anything green, hated eggplant. I thought corn was a vegetable (it’s really a grain) so when asked “What’s your favorite vegetable?” I would respond with “corn.”

Now, I’m not anti-corn, but I do see that it’s in almost every single food product out there, which makes it difficult for me to eat because I have an allergy to corn. It’s kind of annoying. Like trying to avoid an ex-boyfriend who seems to be everywhere you are.

Corn in Altoids


Corn in mochi

mochi frozen dessert

Corn in turkey chili

Trader Joe’s turkey chili in a can

Corn in Very Berry cereal

Trader Joe’s Very Berry Clusters

Is corn bad? I don’t think it is, but I just can’t eat too much of it.

Corn has definitely gotten a bad rap, especially because of ethanol production (the purported “clean” fuel) and the deforestation that occurs as a result, and also because of the weight-gaining, diabetes causing, mercury containing high fructose corn syrup found in so many processed foods.

Maybe I’ve had eczema for so long because everything I’ve ever eaten has contained corn.


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