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Hands Not Looking So Swell

I’ve been extremely vigilant, but I haven’t been avoiding all of my allergens. I’ve also missed about three weeks of acupuncture.

This is the current state of my hands:

Finger Sept 09

Finger 2 Sept 09

Palm Sept 09

Finger 3 Sept 09

Knuckle Sept 09

Hands Sept 09

Liquid-filled blisters, open wounds, dry knuckles — how much more of this pain can I take?

Back to acupuncture and back to avoiding allergens completely.


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3 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    My eczema is this bad and worse on my hands. Thank you for the tips. I did acupuncture a couple of times due to a shoulder problem and it worked but have only recently considered going again specifically for eczema. Glad it is working for you. I live in a small town and hours away from an acupuncturist but I am going to go as soon as I can.

  2. Mili says:

    I made a prayer for you, this condition is really very upsetting. I know just by writing this I cant ease your pain. I have a toddler boy with eczema and we are trying our best to cope with it so I can understand your pain well.

    I am not giving any remedies or advises but I want to share what we do for our kid at home. for wet eczema once he had at the back of his neck we tried calamine lotion and it dried it up in 2 days or so, and for all other areas we use natural african shea butter for moisturization and a different salve which has helped tremendiuosly in controling his eczema. This salve we got from a recommendation of our relative in India and I have not seen anything better than that for controlling his eczema. But for sure everyone is different and react differently.

    Best of Luck and dont loose hope. You will come through this.

    • April says:

      thank you so much… i’ve been out of the country, then came back to catch the flu (which is why i haven’t written in a while) but will be posting as soon as i recover.

      thank you for your prayer! i’m not sure if it’s all the rest (i’ve been knocked out in bed for the past several days) or all the water i’ve been drinking, but my hands are actually in good shape.

      thank you for your recommendations… i will make a prayer for your toddler too.

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