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Proof that Acupucture Heals Eczema

It’s been six days since I’ve had an acupuncture appointment. Look at the difference it has made on the hands of my skin. Compare these pictures to last week’s images.

healing palm

healing fingers

left pinky

healing finger 2

right ring finger

healing palm

In addition to weekly acupuncture sessions, I also started a new Chinese herb to help me with my spleen chi. I am doing more research on this herb and will write more about it as I learn more.

I know that to the average person, my hands don’t look normal. But this actually looks great compared to what they looked like last week. And my hands feel great, too. Easy to grasp things again, easy to steer the wheel in the car, easy to open a bottle.

No more tiny blisters (really, that is so gross). No more weeping skin. No more open wounds and dry cracked skin.

My hands feel normal again! Nipped it in the bud this time.


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  1. Nadine says:

    I looked at your hand pictures and felt like you took pictures of my hands. I can’t believe how the road you traveled including the medications, tests, solutions you’ve used are all in my eczema journey too. I’m at the point where I spent many months clear with diet, organic remedies and self control. But I lapsed with a few restrictions and I’m back on the “eczema cycle” on my hands, neck and jaw line area. I’m a nurse so my hands are often in water (cry), but I see I have to return to safer skin products and diet restrictions. I have not found a few of the products you use, do you go to Whole foods? I pray, literally for the relief. It’s very debilitating at times, and I get so embarrassed at work when I can’t seem to control my frantic hand rubbing or neck picking, it’s GROSS. I sometimes feel like I should not be working with such a disease. My cuts can get infected more easily and I cannot imagine how grossed out my patients must feel when my skin is falling off before their eyes. Sorry I just had to let it all out. A good cry can be a good way to destress and then I will read my Bible, understand God loves me and get to bed. So good night Skinny Girl, I’m just glad to find someone who understands. God bless. Nadine.

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