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New Meds, Same Old Itch

My acupuncturist gave me some new pills to take, in addition to the Blue Poppy Herbs White Pearl pills I am already popping three times a day. These White Pearl pills are for my deficient spleen qi.

October new medicine

I got some Thorne Super EPA fish gelatin gelcaps. Sounds delicious. I was also given some probiotics — Pure Lactobacillus Sporogenes — to hopefully help me tolerate my allergens a little better.

I found out that I have some iron deficiency. I was given some nettle tea (which looked quite illegal in the little plastic baggie that it came in), which is rich in iron and mineral.

nettle loose leaf tea

Everything else looked good, according to the N.A.E.T. allergy elimination technique that was performed on me. I was coming up strong against most of the allergens that I had originally been weak against.

Despite that, I still have eczema. I have these little patches on my fingers and on the sides of my palms. I pray that it doesn’t get worse. It isn’t bothersome right now and I’m doing everything I can to avoid my allergens, so really, what more can I do? Is this all stress-related? My acupuncturist really wanted to get rid of the toxic heat in my body, so she did something different — she stuck the needles in my fingers. It hurt, but I’ve been at the point of desperation for a couple months now. Needles in my fingers are nothing compared to the psychological and physical pain of the Dyshidrosis that I deal with.

open wound finger

october palm blisters


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2 Responses

  1. jess hb says:

    Hi April,

    It is Jess from the dyshidrosis yahoo group. I thought I’d respond over here rather than there. Thank you again for recommending an acupuncturist. I have gone twice and it seems to be helping. I will try to post before and after pics over on the group if I can get my act together. I am still flaring, but I can actually turn on the car, open containers, and change diapers w/out intense pain.

    I hear you on the psychological toll…sometimes that is even worse than the physical pain/discomfort.

    Thanks also for the pics of products that work for you. I’m going to give some of them a try…

    I use Emu-gency first aid stick (has emu oil and essential oils) and it has helped a lot with the open sores and the dryness.

    • April says:

      hey jess! i’m so happy acupuncture is helping. it’s amazing, isn’t it? i will have to try out emu-gency – i’m still dealing with a lot of dryness and itch, only in smaller patches now (thank goodness) rather than large. thanks for the recommendation!

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