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Stupid Tiny Eczema Flare-ups

First off, congrats to Nadine — she was the only person to post a comment last week, lol. I hope my products help her as much as they help me!

I had a successful camping trip this past weekend — successful meaning no major eczema flare-ups. There was a little itching here and there, but no weeping, no open wounds and it didn’t consume the trip. Loved that.

Still, I have these tiny patches of eczema on my hands.

I want to know why, even after avoiding one of my major allergens — corn — I’m still seeing tiny flare-ups. Why? Is it stress-related? Is it because I haven’t been avoiding everything?

I guess one of my issues with eczema and allergies is balancing an attempt to live an eczema-free life and living a quality life. Does quality need to equal life with tomato, potato and corn products? Can quality be a life without those food products?

I know I can live a really good life without those allergens. It’s just so hard. And another thing is that I don’t know if these are the only things that are causing my rashes. What if I eliminate ALL of these allergens, including derivatives, and still have rashes?

It’s so frustrating.


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Allergens, Part 1

Here’s a list of some foods that I apparently have an allergy to. The corresponding “Class” number indicates how much of an allergy I have to the food (the higher the number, the more I am allergic to it). Allergens Celery – Class II
Carrot – Class II
Tomato – Class II
Potato – Class II
Orange – Class I
Pistachio – Class I
Banana – Class I
Corn – Class I
Wheat – Class II
Peanut – Class II

The most thought-provoking thing about these results is the fact that I eat a majority of things on this list on a weekly, if not daily, basis. It begs the question, “Have I been making myself sick all these years without knowing it?”

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